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On this site you will find the largest compilation of lyrics from Eurovision national finals, Eurovision artists and from the contest itself. The heading of the homepage links to “Countries” where you will find tables that show every entry of every year from the 51 European nations that compete in the contest along with links to lyrics and results of the national finals. Also we have a “Eurostars” section that showcases popular singers from all over Europe who’ve used Eurovision as a platform for stardom.

Other links include a section for the “Junior Eurovision Song Contest“, started in 2003 exclusively for singers under the age of 16 and separate sections for three of the most popular national finals, Sweden’s “Melodifestivalen“, Norway’s “Melodi Grand Prix” and Denmark’s “Dansk Melodi Grand Prix“.

Current Projects

We are currently in the process of creating pages to display the results and lyrics for each national final. We are also working on compiling translations, pictures, video and audio clips for the individual song pages and updating the Eurostars section.


We are always looking for any material to include on the site; specifically missing national final lyrics and translations. If you have anything to send or any questions/comments etc, please send them to [email protected]. Whoever sends lyrics or translations will be credited fully.


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We’d also like to thank everyone who has sent us lyrics or translations.
Please keep on sending them! You can submit them to us at [email protected].

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