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Kwivia Group — 2009 Compliance


We’re not affiliated with any major company based upon our networked sites, if we are, we’d mention it in the footer of the sites.
To view our site’s full potentials, you need the latest version of flash player and Javascript must be enabled for the full effects of the site. The sites run okay without them, by the way.


By registering to the Kwivia group, you agree that you will not do the following:

x Post diminishing or, likewise, offensive messages on any community application
x Hint or aim discriminative comments at people
x Use offensive or diminishing phrases
x Lie about your age

… And do the following:
✓ Report anything you feel is inappropriate
✓ Keep your cool
✓ Keep vigilante
✓ Be honest


At Kwivia, we respect your privacy, and maintain it to the highest standard possible to comply with the United Kingdom Data Protection Act, 1998.

★ Personal data will be processed fairly and complying with the Data Protection act of 1998;
★ Personal data shall not excess the necessary fields we need. You will never need to be asked for any more than your: Persona, Age and E-mail;
★ We ask you to keep this information up-to-date by informing us of changes (your age will be automatically changed depending on your birthdate);
★ Personal data will not be transferred to territories outside the European Union unless the country ensures an adequate level of protection of the data.

Banning and Consequences

We reserve our right to ban people from the network, prior or without a warning. Below is the type of bans on our network:

Type 1 Ban: This includes a temporary 1 month ban from the network
Type 2 Ban: This includes a permanent ban from the network
Type 3 Ban: This includes a temporary IP ban from the network and sites on the server.
Type 4 Ban: This includes a permanent IP ban from the network and sites on the server.

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