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Eurocasting 2005


Date(s) 18 December 2004
Venue Centre de Congressos,
Andorra la Vella
Host(s) Meri Picart
Josep LluĂ­s Trabal
Voting Method 5/7 Jury
2/7 SMS Voting
Winner Marian van de Wal

From 32 acts, three were selected to compete to become the Andorran representative in 2005. Each act performed two covers songs in Catalan. As there was a tie for first place, the youngest member of the jury gave the deciding vote.

Semi-final Final
# Artist Jury Public Total Result
1 Ishtar Ruiz 1 318 0 1 3rd
2 Marian van de Wal 3 372 0 3 1st
3 Mar Capdevila 1 377 2 3 2nd

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