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Date(s) 30 March 1993
Venue ORF-Zentrum, Vienna
Host(s) Andreas Steppan
Michael Niavarani
Voting Method 100% Postcard Voting
Winner Tony Wegas
“Maria Magdalena”

Tony Wegas was internally selected as the Austrian representative in 1993. A national final determined the song.

During February the 7 songs were played the radio, after which the public were invited to vote for their favourite song by postcard. In the TV programme, pre-recorded videos of the 7 songs were played. From the 15 245 postcards submitted to ORF, 6 170 were for “Maria Magdalena”.

# Artist Song Result
1 Tony Wegas Einfach so 2nd
2 Tony Wegas Nie wieder 4th
3 Tony Wegas Maria Magdalena 1st
4 Tony Wegas Mitten in der Nacht 3rd
5 Tony Wegas Es wird alles gut 6th
6 Tony Wegas La luna 5th
7 Tony Wegas Tief in mir 7th

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