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Land of Fire 2010

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Date(s) 2 March 2010
Venue Buta Palace, Baku
Host(s) Husniye Maharramova
Ilham Hasymov
Voting Method 100% Jury
Winner Safura
“Drip Drop”

Safura was announced as the winning artist but the chosen song wasn’t revealed until March 18th.

Semi-final Final
# Artist Song
1 Safura Drip Drop
2 Safura Under My Skin
3 Safura Soulless
4 Milk & Kisses Under My Skin
5 Milk & Kisses Drip Drop
6 Milk & Kisses Cancelled
7 Maryam Shabanova Under My Skin
8 Maryam Shabanova Soulless
9 Maryam Shabanova Drip Drop

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