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EuroFest 2012

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Date(s) 14 February 2012
Venue Sports Palace, Minsk
Host(s) Denis Kurian
Leyla Ismailova
Voting Method 50% Jury
50% Televoting
Winner Alyona Lanskaya
“All My Life”

Following the final allegations of vote-rigging were made against the winner Alyona Lanskaya, and on 24 February she was disqualified. The runner-up, Litesound, were subsequently chosen to represent Belarus at Eurovision.

Semi-final Final
# Artist Song Result
1 Alyona Lanskaya All My Life 1st
2 Gunesh Tell Me Why 3rd
3 Victoria Aleshko Dream 4th
4 Litesound We Are the Heroes 2nd
5 Uzari The Winner 5th

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