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Euroviisut 2011 • quarter-final


Date(s) 1-15 October 2010
Voting Method 100% SMS Voting

An online contest was held to select three songs to take part in the semi-finals.

Quarter-final Semi-finals Final
# Artist Song
1 Christa Renwall Fool of Yourself
2 Tony Green Miracle
3 Suvi We Are One
4 Sara Sayed Shallow Waters
5 Paul Oxley The Prisoner
6 Pauliina Salonen Every Day
7 Emilie Untamala & Jole Nissilä It Is You
8 Joel Främling Man in Squalor
9 Anfisa Give Me Power to Resist
10 Chorale Share Your Life
11 Cardiant Rapture in Time
12 Saara Aalto Blessed With Love
13 Sonja Bishop This Is My Life
14 Father McKenzie Good Enough
15 Blackbird Gooseberry

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