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Eurovision 2006 : et si c’était vous ?

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Date(s) 14 March 2006
Venue La Plaine St-Denis
TV Studios, Paris
Host(s) Michel Drucker
Claudy Siar
Voting Method 50% Jury
50% Televoting
Winner Virginie Pouchin

In 2006 France held a talent search to find the French representative at the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest. 10 acts were selected to compete in a televised national final, the winning artist being selected over two rounds of voting: the first to select the top 3 and the second to select the winner, who would sing a pre-written song, Vous, c’est nous.

# Artist Percentage Result
1 Virginie Schaeffer
2 Alexandre Vautrin
3 Virginie Pouchin 42.5% 1st
4 Aude Henneville
5 Tyssia
6 Pierre Suppa
7 Candice Parise
8 Fabien Incardona 34.2% 2nd
9 Julien Lamassonne 23.3% 3rd
10 Leila Barechdy

After Virginie won, it was deemed that “Vous, c’est nous” did not suit her voice, and so a new song was commissioned: therefore Il était temps was the French entry for Eurovision 2016.

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