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Georgian National Final 2009

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Date(s) 18 February 2009
Venue 1TV Studios, Tbilisi
Voting Method 70% Jury
30% Televoting
Winner Stephane & 3G
“We Don’t
Wanna Put In”

Only the top 3 acts were announced.

Following the victory of Stephane & 3G, the EBU determined that the lyrics to “We Don’t Wanna Put In” were of a political nature, and thus were incompatible with Eurovision rules. The EBU asked GPB, the Georgian broadcaster, to change the song’s lyrics or submit another song to the contest. GPB denied that the song was political and refused to change the song’s lyrics or the song itself. Therefore Georgia were unable to compete in the contest.

# Artist Song Result
1 Bermukha Khvalindeli dghe
2 November Over
3 Giorgi Maisuradze Peace in the World
4 Tika Patsatsia Miracle
5 Tony & Friends Hear My Plea
6 Nodiko Tatishvili No Sun When You Are Near
7 Boris Bedia Mjera 3rd
8 Stephane & 3G We Don’t Wanna Put In 1st
9 Anri Jokhadze I
10 Keti Ordjonikidze Hang Out 2nd

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