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Countdown Grand Prix 1999

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Date(s) 12 March 1999
Venue Stadthalle Bremen, Bremen
Host(s) Axel Bulthaupt
Sandra Studer
Voting Method 100% Televoting
Winner Corinna May
“Hör’ den Kindern
einfach zu”

It was later discovered that the winning song had been released on CD in 1997 by another singer, and was subsequently disqualified. The runners-up, Sürpriz, were subsequently chosen to represent Germany at Eurovision with Reise nach Jerusalem – Kudüs’e Seyahat.

# Artist Song Percentage Result
1 Jeanette Biedermann Das tut unheimlich weh 12.2% 4th
2 Carol Bee Lover Boy 7th
3 Patrick Lindner Ein bisschen Sonne, ein bisschen Regen 6th
4 Megasüß Ich habe meine Tage 8th
5 Sürpriz Reise nach Jerusalem – Kudüs’e seyahat 16.2% 2nd
6 Elvin Heaven 9th
7 Corinna May Hör’ den Kindern einfach zu 32.6% 1st
8 Naima Itsy Bitsy Spider 11th
9 Michael von der Heide Bye Bye Bar 5th
10 Wind Lost in Love 10th
11 Cathrin Together We’re Strong 15.9% 3rd

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