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Unser Song für Dänemark • club concert


Date(s) 27 February 2014
Venue Edelfettwerk, Hamburg
Host(s) Barbara Schöneberger
Voting Method 100% Televoting

The last artist spot in the German national final was decided by a club concert featuring new talents. Nicole Milik and Melanie Schlüter chose to perform cover songs whereas all other artists performed original songs.

Club Concert Final
Club Concert
# Artist Song Percentage Result
1 Elaiza Is It Right 23.6% 1st
2 Nicole Milik I See Fire 8.2% 5th
3 Simon Glöde Blame It on the Boogie 7.5% 6th
4 Melanie Schlüter Run 4.9% 10th
5 Cassie Greene Not This Time 6.6% 8th
6 Valentina Love Is Gone 7.3% 7th
7 Caroline Rose Amber Sky 17.2% 2nd
8 Max Krumm Home 8.6% 4th
9 Ambre Vallet Siehst du mich? 6.3% 9th
10 Bartosz Walk Away 9.8% 3rd

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