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Kdam Eurovision 2003

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Date(s) 23 January 2003
Venue Ha’Oman 17 Nightclub, Jerusalem
Host(s) Eden Har’el
Voting Method 40% Jury
60% Televoting
Winner Lior Narkis
“Milim La’ahava”

Lior Narkis was internally selected as the Israeli representative in 2003. A national final determined the song.

# Artist Song Percentage Result
1 Lior Narkis God Bless the Universe 13% 2nd
2 Lior Narkis Lo Rotze Lihyot Kochav 3% 4th
3 Lior Narkis Chupi Chupi 9% 3rd
4 Lior Narkis Milim La’ahava 75% 1st

The winning song was performed at Eurovision as Words for Love.

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