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Eurovizijos Atranka 2015 • song final


Date(s) 14 February 2015
Venue LRT TV Studios, Vilnius
Host(s) Arūnas Valinskas
Simona Nainė
Voting Method 50% Jury
50% Televoting

The three finalist artists performed each of the three final songs. Voting in this round was for the songs only.

The song elimination results took place alongside shows 3, 4, 5 and 6. The songs were open for the public to vote online, and the votes were then collected and were combined with jury votes to determine which songs would make it to the next round. One song was eliminated after the first round, two songs after the second, and finally the three finalists songs were announed after the third round.

Preliminary Shows Artist Eliminations Song Final Artist Final


# Artist Song
1 Mia The Right Way
2 Vaidas Baumila This Time
3 Monika Linkytė Dangerous
4 Mia This Time
5 Vaidas Baumila Dangerous
6 Monika Linkytė The Right Way
7 Mia Dangerous
8 Vaidas Baumila The Right Way
9 Monika Linkytė This Time


Song Jury Public Result
Lithuanian Jury Ralfs Eilands Lela Tsurtsumia René Romkes Jury Total
Dangerous 1 1 1 2 5 3rd 898 2nd =2nd
The Right Way 2 3 2 1 8 2nd 319 3rd =2nd
This Time 3 2 3 3 11 1st 1 429 1st 1st

Eliminated Songs
Not Perfect 4th
Feel My Love 5th-9th
No More Tears 5th-9th
Skęstu 5th-9th
Sound of Colours 5th-9th
Take My Love 5th-9th
Es tut mir nicht leid 10th-11th
Factory Hearts 10th-11th
Say You Love Me 12th

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