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Malta Song for Europe 1993

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Date(s) 13 March 1993
Venue Mediterranean Conference Centre, Valletta
Host(s) John Demonuele
Marija Bugeja
Voting Method 100% Jury
Winner William Mangion
“This Time”

Each song was performed firstly in Maltese, then in English.

Semi-final Final
# Artist Maltese Song Title English Song Title Result
1 Paul Giordimaina B’vuċi waħda One Voice One Heart
2 Moira Stafrace In-nies li taf Love Me Till the End
3 William Mangion Issa This Time 1st
4 Bayzo & Claudette Pace L’għanja ta ‘ħajti You Are My Music
5 Mike Spiteri Ġmiel il-ward u l-mużika Roses, Stars and Love Songs
6 Marita, Jon Lukas
& Marthese Tanti
Żommni u ghannaqni Love We Share 2nd
7 Renato Rajtek Seems Like Yesterday
8 Alexander Schembri F’mument Woman 3rd

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