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Malta Song for Europe 1995

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Date(s) 3-4 February 1995
Venue Mediterranean Conference Centre, Valletta
Host(s) Charles Saliba
Louise Tedesco
Voting Method 100% Jury
Winner Mike Spiteri
“Keep Me in Mind”
# Artist Song Result
1 The Starbrights Good-bye
2 Al. E. Rapa The Sun Will Shine Again
3 Alexander Schembri Will I Know
4 Mary Spiteri Just One Love
5 Mark Tonna Before My Eyes
6 Claudette Pace Our Love Could Never Be 2nd
7 Incorvaja Sisters & Philip Vella Shelter Me
8 Enzo Gusman I’ll Keep On Loving You
9 Tarcisio Barbara Castles Made of Sand 3rd
10 Doreen & Manolito We Can See
11 Marita To Love Again
12 Mike Spiteri Keep Me in Mind 1st
13 Ann Jenkins Poor Little Rich Girl
14 Marthese Tanti Wondering Through the Night
15 Georgina That Little Bit of Heaven
16 Godwin Lucas & June May Cross Your Heart
17 Miriam Christine Borg The Way You Are
18 Phyllisienne Brincat Midnight Blues

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