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Malta Song for Europe 1996 • semi-final


Date(s) 26 January 1996
Venue Mediterranean Conference Centre, Valletta
Voting Method 100% Jury
Semi-final Final
# Artist Song
1 Renato & Marthese Tanti Would You Leave Me
2 Enzo Gusman Better Luck Next Time
3 Debbie Scerri Run to You
4 Claudette Pace My Butterfly
5 Alfred Rapa Eternal Love
6 Triccas Reach Out Your Arms
7 Freddie Portelli Summer Again
8 Godwin Lucas & Phyllisienne Brincat Marathon
9 Miriam Christine Borg In a Woman’s Heart
10 Marita Lasting Visions
11 Charlie Dalli & Eric Ace Waiting for You
12 Manolito Lovers Song
13 Georgina Can I Reach You
14 Marisa D’Amato Say the Words
15 Alexander Schembri Say You’ll Stay
16 June May & Joanne Scolaro We’re Going Places

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