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Malta Song for Europe 1998

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Date(s) 6-7 February 1998
Venue Mediterranean Conference Centre, Valletta
Host(s) Angela Agius
John Demanuele
Denise Mintoff
Patrick Vella
Voting Method 100% Jury
Winner Chiara
“The One That I Love”

On the first night 22 songs were presented, 6 of which were in a special category for newcomers to the contest. Those 6 were reduced to 4 after the first night, so that on the second night there were 20 songs.

# Artist Song Points Result
1 Claudette Pace & 6th Above Listen to Our Voices 137 3rd
2 Orion Longing Dawn 91 7th
3 Marvic Lewis Voice in the Night 113 4th
4 Tarcisio Barbara How Can I Get Over You 82 8th
5 Fiona Same Time Tomorrow 76 =9th
6 Miriam Christine Borg It’s Up to You 102 5th
7 Leontine Children of Mother Earth 65 13th
8 Fate Listen 41 19th
9 Natasha Grima Nights Alone 53 16th
10 Marisa D’Amato Love Will Be Your Light 97 6th
11 Olivia Lewis You’re the One 59 15th
12 Karen Polidano Searching the Sea 63 14th
13 Vince Bongailas Unexplained 28 20th
14 Ivan Spiteri Lucas Playing With My Heart 44 18th
15 Enzo Gusman As Far As I Can See 47 17th
16 Catherine Vigar Give Love More Space 69 11th
17 Fabrizio Faniello More Than Just a Game 142 2nd
18 Chiara The One That I Love 164 1st
19 Lawrence Gray Newborn Heart 76 =9th
20 Georgina The Morning Rain 68 12th
Eliminated Songs
Artist Song
Rita Pace Come Back Home
Tonio Cuschieri The Magic In Your Eyes

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