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Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2016 • semi-final


Date(s) 22 January 2016
Venue Mediterranean Conference Centre, Valletta
Host(s) Ben Camille
Voting Method 5/6 Jury
1/6 Televoting
Semi-final Final
# Artist Song
1 Ira Losco Chameleon
2 Corazón Falling Glass
3 Stefan Galea Light Up My Life
4 Domenique Empty Hearted
5 Dario I Love You
6 Daniel Testa Under the Sun
7 Jessika The Flame
8 Jasmine Alive
9 Raquel Flashing Lights
10 Brooke Golden
11 Kim Lighthouse
12 Sarah Crystal Right Here With You
13 Danica Frontline
14 Christabelle Kingdom
15 Franklin Little Love
16 Dominic Fire Burn
17 Ira Losco That’s Why I Love You
18 Lawrence Gray You’re Beautiful
19 Maxine Young Love
20 Deborah C All Around the World

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