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Date(s) 9 February 2018
16 February 2018
Venue JOJ TV Studios, Bratislava, Slovakia
Host(s) Nick Earles
Kristin Stein
Voting Method 100% Jury

Each artist performed an acoustic version of a song in each semi-final. After the second semi-final a jury selected one song for each artist to progress to the final.

Semi-finals Final
Show 1
# Artist Song
1 Emma Sandström Diamonds
2 Irol feat. Jessika Stuck Without Me
3 Giovanni Montalbano Per quello che mi dai
4 Basti Moonlight
5 Judah Gavra Stay
6 Tinashe Makura We Are One
7 Jessika feat. IROL Who We Are
8 Sara de Blue Until the Morning Light
9 Jenifer Brening Sorry
10 Franklin Calleja Best Years of Our Lives
11 Camilla North Free Yourself
Show 2
# Artist Song
1 Emma Sandström Hold On
2 Irol feat. Basti Sorry
3 Giovanni Montalbano Immenso
4 Basti Stay
5 Judah Gavra Moonlight
6 Tinashe Makura Free Yourself
7 Jessika Out of the Twilight
8 Sara de Blue Out of the Twilight
9 Jenifer Brening Until the Morning Light
10 Franklin Calleja Stay
11 Camilla North Yo no soy tu chica

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