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Operación Triunfo II

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Date(s) 10 February 2003
Venue TVE TV Studios, Barcelona
Host(s) Carlos Lozano
Voting Method Jury & Televoting
Winner Beth

The top 3 acts from the “Operación Triunfo” talent show competed to represent Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest 2003. Each act competed with 3 songs, and the winning song was chosen over three rounds. In the first round an expert jury selected 2 songs from each act to progress, eliminating one song from the competition. In the second round, televoting selected one song from each act to compete in the third round, where the winning song was chosen by televoting.

# Artist Song Placing
1 Beth La vida sin ti
2 Manuel Carrasco Viviré, moriré 1st
3 Ainhoa Mi razón de vivir 1st
4 Manuel Carrasco Santa Lucía 2nd
5 Ainhoa Con la fuerza del corazón 2nd
6 Beth Dime 1st
7 Ainhoa Viva la noche
8 Beth Cerrando heridas 2nd
9 Manuel Carrasco Sueña con ése momento
Super Final
# Artist Song Percentage Result
1 Ainhoa Mi razón de vivir 31% 2nd
2 Manuel Carrasco Viviré, moriré 24% 3rd
3 Beth Dime 45% 1st
Operación Triunfo II Contestants
Ainhoa 1st Danni Úbeda 10th
Manuel Carrasco 2nd Elena Gadel 11th
Beth 3rd Tessa 12th
Miguel Nández 4th Marey 13th
Hugo Salazar 5th Cristie 14th
Joan Tena 6th Enrique Anaut 15th
Tony Santos 7th Miguel Ángel Silva 16th
Nika 8th Mai Meneses 17th
Vega 9th

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