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Operación Triunfo 2017

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Date(s) 29 January 2018
Venue Parc Audiovisual
de Catalunya,
Terrassa, Barcelona
Host(s) Roberto Leal
Voting Method 100% Televoting
Winner Alfred García
& Amaia Romero
“Tu canción”

Contestants from the 2017 edition of the “Operación Triunfo” talent show competed to represent Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018. The top 5 acts competed as soloists in the “Eurovision Gala” as well as competing in duets with one of the other finalists and performing a group song together. The 6th placed act, Agoney Hernández, also competed in one of the duets.

First round
# Artist Song Televote Place
1 Aitana, Alfred, Amaia, Ana Guerra & Miriam Camina 1% 9th
2 Aitana Ocaña Arde
3 Agoney Hernández & Miriam Rodríguez Magia 7% 5th
4 Alfred García Que nos sigan las luces 3% 8th
5 Aitana Ocaña & Ana Guerra Lo malo
6 Amaia Romero Al cantar 4% 7th
7 Miriam Rodríguez Lejos de tu piel 8% 4th
8 Ana Guerra El remedio 5% 6th
9 Alfred García & Amaia Romero Tu canción
Second round
# Artist Song Televote Place
1 Aitana Ocaña Arde 31% 2nd
2 Alfred García & Amaia Romero Tu canción 43% 1st
3 Aitana Ocaña & Ana Guerra Lo malo 26% 3rd
Operación Triunfo 2017 Contestants
Amaia Romero Winner Raoul Vázquez 10th
Aitana Ocaña 2nd Mireya Bravo 11th
Miriam Rodríguez 3rd Ricky Merino 12th
Alfred García 4th Marina Rodríguez 13th
Ana Guerra 5th Thalía Garrido 14th
Agoney Hernández 6th Juan Antonio Cortés 15th
Roi Méndez 7th Mimi Doblas 16th
Nerea Rodríguez 8th João Henrique =17th
Luis Cepeda 9th Mario Ortiz =17th

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