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Date(s) 10 November 2010
Venue Hotel Besso, Lugano
Voting Method 10% Online Voting
50% SMS Voting
40% Jury

Orpheline later withdrew her entry from the Swiss final. Vittoria Hyde was selected to progress instead, however her entry was subsequently disqualified after it was revealed that part of her entry had been published before 1 September 2010. Scilla was subsequently selected to replace her in the final.

RSI Eurosong Contest DRS 3 Selection Final
RSI Eurosong Contest
# Artist Song Result
1 Scilla Barbie Doll 3rd
2 Maxi B feat. Marco Most Likely (Probabilmente)
3 Néo Learning to Love
4 Orpheline Surrender 1st
5 Vittoria Hyde Play the Trumpet 2nd

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