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Die grosse Entscheidungsshow 2012

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Date(s) 10 December 2011
Venue Bodensee Arena,
Host(s) Sven Epiney
Voting Method 100% Televoting
Winner Sinplus

12 songs qualified for the Swiss national final: 6 songs progressed from the SF online contest; 3 songs qualified from the DRS 3 and RTS selections; and 2 songs qualified from the the RSI selection. The acts performed a 2 minute version of their songs.

Sara McLoud originally qualified for the final from the DRS 3 selection with the song “Lost”. However she was disqualified after it was discovered the song had been released before 1 September 2011. She was replaced by Atomic Angels in the final.

RSI Selection 2012 Sélection suisse
Eurosong 2012
# Artist Song Percentage Result
1 Patric Scott feat. Fabienne Louves Real Love 9.81% 6th
2 Emel She 1.30% 11th
3 Chiara Dubey Anima nuova 13.82% 3rd
4 Guillermo Sorya Baby Baby Baby 1.19% 12th
5 Macy Shining 3.49% 9th
6 Sosofluo Quand je ferme les yeux 1.08% 14th
7 Atomic-Angels Black Symphony 2.36% 10th
8 Ivo Peace & Freedom 16.02% 2nd
9 Ze Flying Zézettes Orchestra L’autre 1.17% 13th
10 Raphael Jeger The Song in My Head 5.96% 7th
11 I Quattro Fragile 10.56% 4th
12 Sinplus Unbreakable 17.87% 1st
13 Lys Assia C’était ma vie 5.46% 8th
14 Katherine St-Laurent Wrong to Let You Go 9.91% 5th
Non-Participating Entries
Artist Song
Sara McLoud Lost

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