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RSI Selection 2012


Date(s) 8 November 2011
Venue Temus Music Bar, Agno
Host(s) Clarissa Tami
Fabrizio Casati
Voting Method 100% Televoting

7 songs competed in the RSI selection. From 22 songs received by RSI, an expert jury selected 5 to automatically qualify for the live show. The remaining 17 songs competed in an online contest for 2 spots in the final: the winners of this selection were announced on 25 October 2011 – Chiara Dubey and Laetitia.

In the live show broadcast on TV channel La 2 and radio station Rete Tre, the top 2 songs chosen by televoting qualified for the Swiss final.

RSI Selection 2012 Sélection suisse
Eurosong 2012
# Artist Song
1 Vittoria Hyde It’s Your Love
2 Gianluca Solci Giro intorno
3 Rossella Here I Am
4 Laetitia The Big Picture
5 Sinplus Unbreakable
6 Chiara Dubey Anima nuova
7 Scilla Masquerade

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