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Sélection suisse Eurosong 2012


Date(s) 25 October-
3 November 2011
Voting Method 50% Jury
50% Online Voting

From 25 submissions received, online voting selected the top 10 to compete in the RTS selection. These 10 songs were rotated regularly on radio station Option Musique from 25 October to 3 November 2011. An expert jury and online voting then selected 3 songs to qualify for the Swiss final.

RSI Selection 2012 Sélection suisse
Eurosong 2012
Artist Song
ADN 2.0 Dark Light
Katherine St-Laurent Wrong to Let You Go
Marie-Élaine Thibert & Étienne Drapeau Demande-moi (You Can Ask Me)
Romanz For You (I’ll Build Rome in One Day)
Sinplus Unbreakable
Sosofluo Quand je ferme les yeux
The Kompozit La faim du monde
Valentine de Rham It Doesn’t Have to Rain Today
Vartoch’ et les Aliens Boum sur Saturne
Ze Flying Zézettes Orchestra L’autre

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