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Die Entscheidungsshow 2013

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Date(s) 15 December 2012
Venue Bodensee Arena,
Host(s) Sven Epiney
Voting Method 100% Televoting
Winner Heilsarmee
“You and Me”

9 songs qualified for the Swiss national final: 4 songs progressed from the SRF online contest; 3 songs qualified from the RTS selection; and 2 songs qualified from the the RSI selection.

RSI Selection 2013 Final
# Artist Song Percentage Result
1 Ally Catch Me 0.79% 9th
2 Chiara Dubey Bella sera 9.04% 5th
3 Carrousel J’avais rendez-vous 17.26% 2nd
4 Anthony Bighead Do the Monkey 5.66% 7th
5 Heilsarmee You and Me 37.54% 1st
6 Nill Klemm On My Way 1.69% 8th
7 Melissa The Point of No Return 9.72% 4th
8 Nicolas Fraissinet Lève-toi 6.55% 6th
9 Jesse Ritch Forever & a Day 11.75% 3rd

Due to EBU regulations Heilsarmee were required to change their name for the contest. Therefore they competed at Eurovision as Takasa.

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