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RSI Selection 2013


Date(s) 23 October 2012
Venue Living Room, Lugano
Host(s) Pablo Creti
Voting Method Jury & Televoting

7 songs competed in the RSI selection. 6 songs were selected by RSI to compete, with the 7th spot being awarded to the winner of the Fattore voce talent competition – Sohaila. Two songs qualified for the Swiss final, one song chosen by televoting and one song chosen by an expert jury. As Chiara Dubey was the winner of both the televoting and the jury vote, the second placed act with the jury qualified.

RSI Selection 2013 Final
# Artist Song
1 N2L Smoke Out
2 Vanda Palma La farfalla va
3 Theo My Wonderful Life
4 Sohaila But Who
5 Marilise Nobody
6 Chiara Dubey Bella sera
7 Ally Catch Me

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