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Die Entscheidungsshow 2014 • expert check


Date(s) 30 November 2013
Venue SRF TV Studios, Zürich
Host(s) Sven Epiney
Voting Method 100% Jury

18 songs qualified for the Swiss expert check: 9 songs qualified from the SRF/RTR online contest; 6 songs were selected by French-language RTS; and 3 songs were selected by Italian-language RSI. The acts performed their songs in front of an expert panel, with three artists from the SRF/RTR selection, two artists from RTS and one artist from RSI qualifying for the final.

Expert Check Final
Expert Check
# Artist Song Broadcaster
1 Yasmina Hunzinger I Still Believe SRF/RTR
2 3 for All Together Forever SRF/RTR
3 Swissters Celebration SRF/RTR
4 Lola Sparkes Baby Can’t You See RTS
5 Christian Tschanz Au paradis RTS
6 Tanita Another Day Alone RTS
7 Natacha & Stéphanie Une terre sans vous RTS
8 Paula Marengo J’ai envie de toi RTS
9 Joel Murner In My Life RTS
10 Jasmine Higher Love RSI
11 Sebalter Hunter of Stars RSI
12 Valentino Alfano 103 parole RSI
13 Gosia I’m Not Afraid SRF/RTR
14 Nino Colonna La luce del cuore SRF/RTR
15 Arxplendida Mercurii diei SRF/RTR
16 Hot Connection Music from the Sixties SRF/RTR
17 One Day Remains Alpha SRF/RTR
18 Martin Kirchberger Yourope SRF/RTR

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