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Die Entscheidungsshow 2016 • expert check


Date(s) 6 December 2015
Venue SRF TV Studios, Zürich
Host(s) Sven Epiney
Voting Method 100% Jury

19 songs qualified for the Swiss expert check: 10 songs qualified from the SRF/RTR online contest; 6 songs were selected by French-language RTS; and 3 songs were selected by Italian-language RSI. The acts performed their songs in front of an expert panel, with three artists from the SRF/RTR selection, two artists from RTS and one artist from RSI qualifying for the final.

Stéphanie Palazzo was initially selected as one of the two RTS qualifiers. However it was subsequently discovered that her song was released previously in 2013 under a French title. As such she was disqualified and was replaced by Kaceo in the final.

Expert Check Final
# Artist Song Broadcaster
1 Loïc Schumacher Génération demain RTS
2 Stéphanie Palazzo Perché mi guardi così? RTS
3 Kaceo Disque d’or RTS
4 Stéphanie Sandoz Flashback RTS
5 Bella C Another World RTS
6 Gina von Glasow Left With an Idiot RTS
7 Nathalie Share Love RSI
8 Theo Because of You RSI
9 Elias Bertini Elephant RSI
10 Stanley Miller Feel the Love SRF/RTR
11 Maika The Reason SRF/RTR
12 Erica Arnold Ich bin ich SRF/RTR
13 Platzhirsch Holz vor dr Hütta SRF/RTR
14 Samuel Tobias Klauser Asking Me Why SRF/RTR
15 Rykka The Last of Our Kind SRF/RTR
16 Evelyn Zangger Have a Little Faith in Me SRF/RTR
17 Sunanda Ooops!?! SRF/RTR
18 Vincent Gross Half a Smile SRF/RTR
19 Patric Scott feat. Abdullah Alhussainy No Boundaries SRF/RTR

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