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Evrobachennya 2005

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Date(s) 27 February 2005
Venue NTU TV Studios, Kyiv
Host(s) Maria Orlova
Voting Method 100% Televoting
Winner GreenJolly
“Razom nas bahato”

15 semi-final qualifiers were joined by 4 wildcard entries. Three entries were performed in a different language than in the semi-finals: NeDilya, Viktor Pavlik, and Sergei Gavrilov.

Semi-finals Final
# Artist Song Votes Result
1 Stand.Up Vidlitay 139 8th
2 NeDilya Bezmezhnyy svit 54 13th
3 Tayana Ottay 13 19th
4 Mandry Doroha 142 7th
5 Ex-Presidenti Chuzhoy gorod 41 14th
6 Yurcash Patriot 342 =3rd
7 Tiana Ravi Pozavchora 19 17th
8 De Shifer Chas priyshov 341 5th
9 Foxy Zaberi menya 23 =15th
10 Viktor Pavlik I Never Loved You 60 12th
11 Sergei Gavrilov Korabli 15 18th
12 Tartak Nashe lito 342 =3rd
13 Daleko Znaky pitannya 110 9th
14 Ani Lorak Another Little Shot 1 952 2nd
15 Talita Kum Lovy mene 105 10th
16 Lourdes Veter 23 =15th
17 Yuliya Korzhynska Freedom 164 6th
18 Volya Zemlya rodnaya 62 11th
19 GreenJolly Razom nas bahato 2 247 1st

Following the national final, the winning song attracted controversy due to the inclusion of the wildcard entries in the final, of which the winner was one; and claims that the song was derivative of an old revolutionary song and the lyrics contained political propaganda.

After substantial revisions, the song was deemed eligible for the Eurovision Song Contest, where it was performed in Ukrainian/English.

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