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Evrobachennya 2010 • second final

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Date(s) 20th March 2010
Venue Savik Shuster Studio, Kyiv
Host(s) Savik Shuster
Olga Freimut
Voting Method 50% Jury
50% Televoting
Winner Alyosha
“To Be Free”

A new national final was held after objections were raised regarding the unfair method in which Vasyl Lazarovych had been selected internally.

As there was a tie for first place, the result of the expert jury took precedence.

First Final Second Final
Second Final
# Artist Song Points Result
1 Vitaliy Kozlovskiy [email protected]?
2 Vasyl Lazarovych I Love You 24 7th
3 SH & BB Ne zhurys
4 Matias Angely ne umirayut 32 3rd
5 Zaklyopki Anybody Home? 23 8th
6 Ivan Berezovskiy Utro 22 =9th
7 St’Ereo Ne skhody s uma 22 =9th
8 Irina Rosenfeld Forever 29 6th
9 Shanis Lechu k tebe
10 Max Barskih White Raven
11 Vladyslav Levytskyy Davay, davay!
12 Miya Vona
13 Dazzle Dreams Emotional Lady
14 Masha Sobko Ya tebya lyublyu 36 2nd
15 Zlata Ognevich Tiny Island 30 5th
16 Mira Gold Crazy Lady
17 Nataliya Valevskaya Europa 31 4th
18 Yulia Voice Zavyazhi mne glaza
19 El Kravchuk Fly to Heaven
20 Alyosha To Be Free 36 1st

Following the national final, allegations were made that the winning song was both plagarised and had been made available publically before the submission deadline. Therefore, NTU decided to replace the song performed at Eurovision, keeping Alyosha as the Ukrainian representative. Sweet People was selected to be the Ukrainian entry at Eurovision 2010.

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