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Eurovision: Your Decision 2008

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Date(s) 1 March 2008
Venue BBC Television Centre, London
Host(s) Terry Wogan
Claudia Winkleman
Voting Method Jury & Televoting
Winner Andy Abraham
“Even If”

The six competing acts were split into three groups: Girl Groups, Joseph vs. Maria and Soloists. An expert jury consisting of Terry Wogan, John Barrowman and Carrie Grant selected one act from each group to face a public vote. Terry Wogan then selected one wildcard entry from the remaining three acts to progress. The four remaining acts were then reduced to two finalists before the winner was chosen.

Girl Groups
# Artist Song
1 LoveShy Mr Gorgeous
2 The Revelations It’s You
Joseph vs. Maria
# Artist Song
3 Rob McVeigh I Owe It All to You
4 Simona Armstrong Changes
# Artist Song
5 Andy Abraham Even If
6 Michelle Gayle Woo (U Make Me)
# Artist Song
1 The Revelations It’s You
2 Simona Armstrong Changes
3 Andy Abraham Even If
4 Michelle Gayle Woo (U Make Me)
Super Final
# Artist Song
1 Andy Abraham Even If
2 Michelle Gayle Woo (U Make Me)

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