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Song Information
Music: José Luís Tinoco
Lyrics: José Luís Tinoco
Conductor: José Luís Tinoco
Eurovision Song Contest 1975
Position: 16th
Points: 16pts
Other versions
Portuguese English

Dos que morreram sem saber porquê
Dos que teimaram em silêncio e frio
Da força nascida no medo
E a raiva à solta manhã cedo
Fazem-se as margens do meu rio

Das cicatrizes do meu chão antigo
E da memória do meu sangue em fogo
Da escuridão a abrir em cor
Do braço dado e a arma flor
Fazem-se as margens do meu povo

Canta-se a gente que a si mesma se descobre
E acorda vozes, arraiais
Canta-se a terra que a si mesma se devolve
Que o canto assim nunca é demais

Em cada veia o sangue espera a vez
Em cada fala se persegue o dia
E assim se aprendem as marés
Assim se cresce e ganha pé
Rompe a canção que não havia

Acordem luzes nos umbrais que a tarde cega
Acordem vozes e arraiais
Cantem despertos na manhã que a noite entrega
Que o canto assim nunca é demais

Cantem marés por essas praias de sargaços
Acordem vozes, arraiais
Corram descalços rente ao cais, abram abraços
Que o canto assim nunca é demais
O canto assim nunca é demais

From those who died without knowing why
From those who persevered in silence and in cold
From the strength born in fear
And rage liberated in the early morning
The banks of my river are made

From the scars of my old ground
And from the memory of my blood burning in fire
From the darkness opening in colour
Arm in arm and a flower in each gun
The edges of my people are made

I’m singing about the people that have just discovered themselves
And raise their voices, celebrate
I’m singing the praises of the land that is reborn
There can’t be enough songs like this

In each vein the blood is waiting its turn
In each conversation we hunt the day
This is how we learn about the tides
This is how we grow and become men
A new song is born

Awaken lights on the evening-blind door posts
Raise your voices and celebrate
Sing wide awake in the morning that the night delivered us
There can’t be enough songs like this

Sing about the tides in those Sargasso beaches
Raise your voices, celebrate
Run, barefooted, by the wharf, open your arms and hug
There can’t be enough songs like this
There can’t be enough songs like this


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