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Song Information
Music: Brendan J. Graham
Lyrics: Brendan J. Graham
Conductor: Noel Kelehan
Eurovision Song Contest 1976
Position: 10th
Points: 54pts

When the days of wine are gone
And all the nights are long
Then all my thoughts run on to you

When the lonely silence calls
When I walk through empty halls
Then all my thoughts run on to you

And when they linger for a while
You come and touch me with your tender smile

And when your love was all my world
My days, my life – you were
Then all the songs were songs of you

I tasted well of sweet success
Nothing touched me that was second best

Oh, but then I turned and you were gone
To someone else’s song
And now I’m going back to when
I loved you now and then

When the story now is told
And all my love unfolds
I’ve lost my very soul to you

Your love was written in the sky
But at the time, I never looked so high

Darlin’, when will you come back to me?
Release me, set me free
When? Oh, when?


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