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Song Information
Music: Julio Seijas
Lyrics: Luis Gomez Escolar
Conductor: Eduardo Leiva
Eurovision Song Contest 1991
Position: 4th
Points: 119pts
Other versions
ESC Version Extended Version
French Italian

Bailar de lejos no es bailar
Es como estar bailando sólo
Tu bailando en tu volcán
Y a dos metros de ti
Bailando yo en el polo

Probemos una sola vez
Bailar pegados como a fuego
Abrazados al compás
Sin separar jamás
Tu cuerpo de mi cuerpo

Bailar pegados es bailar
Igual que baila el mar con los delfines
Corazón con corazón en un solo salón
Dos bailarines

Abrazadísimos los dos
Acariciándonos, sintiéndonos la piel
Nuestra balada va a sonar
Vamos a probar, probar el arte de volar

Bailar pegados es bailar
Bailar pegados es bailar
Es bailar

To dance from afar is not dancing
It’s like dancing alone
You’re dancing in your volcano
And two meters from you
I’m dancing on the pole

Let’s try only once
To dance closely as with fire
Embracing the beat
Without ever separating
Your body from my body

To dance closely is dancing
Like the sea dances with the dolphins
Heart to heart in just one ballroom
Two dancers

Both embracing each other
Caressing each other, feeling each other’s skin
Our ballad is going to be played
Let’s try, try the art of flying

To dance closely is dancing
To dance closely is dancing
Is dancing


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