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Agnes Emilia Carlsson (born March 6, 1988, in Vänersborg, Sweden) is a Swedish pop singer who rose to fame as the winner of Idol 2005 the second season of the Swedish Idol series. She has since gone on to be one of Sweden’s most popular and best-selling female singers, selling over 180,000 albums in her home country alone. In mid-2009 she became the first Idol contestant to receive an international launch, with the singles On and On and Release Me.

In 2007 Agnes entered a song to the Swedish national final Melodifestivalen, which was selected to participate. However she later broke the rules by revealing who the song was written by and was consequently disqualified. In 2009 Agnes competed again in Melodifestivalen with the song Love Love Love, advancing to the final round and eventually placing 8th. She later found her way on to the Eurovision stage, but as one of the interval acts for the second-semi final of Eurovision 2013 in Malmö, showcasing popular Swedish voices.

Agnes (2005) | Stronger (2006) | Dance Love Pop (2008)
Dance Love Pop: UK Edition (2010) | Veritas (2012) | Collection (2013)

Agnes - Collection


Released: 27 December 2013

01. Instant Repeater ’99
02. Nu måste vi dra
03. Allt ljus på mig
04. En sån karl (Just Like a Man)
05. Hanna från Arlöv
06. Flowers
07. Got Me Good (Bassflow Remake)
08. All I Want Is You
09. One Last Time
10. Don’t Go Breaking My Heart
11. When You Tell the World You’re Mine (with Björn Skifs)
12. I Need You Now (UK Radio Edit)
13. Release Me (UK Radio Edit)
14. Love Love Love
15. On and On
16. Champion (Radio Edit)
17. Right Here, Right Now (My Heart Belongs to You)


Released: 5 September 2012

01. Amazing
02. Walk Out of Here
03. All I Want Is You
04. One Last Time
05. Loaded
06. Human Touch
07. Watching it Burn
08. Got Me Good
09. Like God
10. Into the Sun
11. Nothing Else Matters
12. Unforgiven [iTunes Bonus Track]
13. Heart Rate [Spotify Bonus Track]

Dance Love Pop: UK Edition

Released: 24 May 2010

01. Release Me
02. I Need You Now (UK Album Edit)
03. On and On
04. Secret Love
05. Sometimes I Forget
06. You Rain
07. Big Blue Wall (Moonwalker Version)
08. Love Love Love
09. How Do You Know?
10. Love Me Senseless
11. If I Could Build My Whole World Around You (feat. Erik Hassle)
12. Release Me (Acoustic Version)
13. I Need You Now (Original Version)
14. On and On (Acoustic Version)
15. Big Blue Wall (Piano Version)

Dance Love Pop

Released: 29 October 2008

01. Release Me
02. On and On
03. Love Me Senseless
04. How Do You Know?
05. I Need You Now
06. Look At Me Now
07. Don’t Pull Your Love Out
08. Open Up Your Eyes
09. Sometimes I Forget
10. Big Blue Wall
11. Love Love Love [Bonus Track]


Released: 11 October 2006

01. I Believe In You
02. Top of the World
03. Somewhere Down the Road
04. I Had a Feeling
05. Kick Back Relax
06. Champion
07. Love Is All Around
08. What Do I Do With All This Love
09. My Boy
10. (Baby) I Want You Gone
11. Everybody Knows


Released: 19 December 2005

01. Stranded
02. Emotional
03. Right Here Right Now
04. Forever Yours
05. Get My Math
06. I Believe
07. For Love
08. What a Feeling
09. Now That I Found Love
10. Let Me Carry You

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