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Music: Rory Block
Lyrics: Rory Block

Originally by Rory Block

Well if you live in dusty twilight baby, that’s OK
‘Cause there are women at the bar to greet you everyday

And you can take them back to lie with you and visit Jamie’s room
But they can never take the pain away or brighten all the gloom
And if your hands are cleansed with sorrow may it help you ease your pain
Though the windows have a view of city rain, city rain

And if you walk in constant sorrow and you cry for me
May it hit the painful memories, maybe then you’ll see

That if you drown yourself in liquor because it keeps you company
Then just remember who you’re losing and be proud to set me free
Because it don’t talk back or disagree, it just makes you see so hazily
But in the morning light your life is scattered with the wind
Scattered with the wind

Well they tell you on the telephone to let him go
I said they tell you he’s a sinking ship and he’s trying to pull you down
Don’t you know

That every time you call me up and say you want me back
You know you break my heart
You said you want me to come back home and try again
You want me to make a brand new start

But if wisdom says to let him go
Then it’s hell, because you just don’t know
Until you’ve tried to love a man who’s lovin’ whisky
Lovin’ whisky

My baby left me for the bottle and the lure of the nightlife
Good times and crazy women and another glass of Tanqueray
But if wisdom says to let him go, then it’s hell, because you just don’t know
Until you’ve tried to love a man who’s loving whisky, loving whisky

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