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Emmelie de Forest

Emmelie de Forest (born 28 February 1993 in Randers, Denmark) is a Danish singer. Born to a Danish mother and a Swedish father, Emmelie first came to attention when she competed in Dansk Melodi Grand Prix in January 2013, the Danish selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. Competing with the song Only Teardrops, she went on to win the national selection, beating 9 other singers for the chance to represent Denmark at Eurovision 2013 in Malmö, Sweden.

Having qualified from the semi-final, Emmelie went on to win the final with a total of 281 points, giving Denmark their third win in the contest’s history. Emmelie released her debut album Only Teardrops in May 2013. At the 2004 contest in Copenhagen, she performed her latest single Rainmaker as the interval act.

Only Teardrops (2013) | History (2018) | Non-album Songs


Released: 9 February 2018

01. Sanctuary
02. History
03. Any Less
04. Who Loves You
05. Going Ghost
06. Rabbit
07. Hunting High and Low

Emmelie de Forest - Only Teardrops

Only Teardrops

Released: 6 May 2013

01. Teardrops Overture [Instrumental]
02. Hunter & Prey
03. Change
04. Only Teardrops
05. What Are You Waiting For
06. Haunted Heart
07. Force of Nature
08. Beat the Speed of Sound
09. Soldier of Love
10. Running in My Sleep
11. Let It Fall
12. Only Teardrops (Symphonic Version)

Non-album Songs

Drunk Tonight

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