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Susana Alimivna Jamaladinova (Crimean Tatar: Susana Camaladinova; Ukrainian: Сусана Алімівна Джамаладінова; born on 27 August 1983) is a Ukrainian singer. Born in Osh, Kirghiz SSR (present day Kyrgyzstan) to a Crimean Tatar father and an Armenian mother, her Crimean Tatar ancestors were forcefully resettled from Crimea under Joseph Stalin during World War II. In 1989 her family resettled in Crimea.

Jamala’s first single “You Are Made of Love” was released in February 2010, followed by “It’s Me, Jamala” in April of that year. Her third single Smile was released in November 2010 and was Jamala’s entry for the 2011 Ukrainian national final for Eurovision. Despite being one of the favourites, “Smile” finished in 3rd place in the final, behind the entries from Mika Newton and Zlata Ognevich. Jamala refused to compete again after allegations of telephone vote rigging resulted in the announcement of a new final being held with the top 3 acts. In April 2011 Jamala’s debut album For Every Heart was released.

Two further albums, All or Nothing and Podykh, and an EP, Thank You, were subsequently released. In 2016 Jamala once again entered the Ukrainian national selection for Eurovision. Her song 1944 was about the deportation of Crimean Tatars by Stalin in that year, and particularly the story of Jamala’s own great-grandmother, who lost a daughter during the journey to Central Asia. With lyrics in English and the Crimean Tatar language the song went on to win the Ukrainian final and in Stockholm, Sweden, Jamala went on to win the contest. Following her win, she was awarded the People’s Artist of Ukraine by Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, and was nominated by Poroshenko as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. Her latest album 1944 was released in June 2016.

For Every Heart (2011) | All or Nothing (2013) | Thank You (2014)
Podykh (2015) | 1944 (2016) | Kryla (2018) | Non-album Songs



Released: 12 October 2018

01. Kryla
02. The Great Pretender
03. Sumuyu
04. Kokhannya
05. Neznayometsʹ
06. Khvyli
07. Natovp
08. Lyubyty (Acoustic Version)
09. Happiness
10. I Believe in U

Jamala - 1944


Released: 3 June 2016

01. 1944
02. I’m Like a Bird
03. Hate Love
04. Watch Over Me
05. Perfect Man
06. My Lover
07. Drifting Apart (feat. The Erised)
08. You’ve Got Me
09. Thank You
10. With My Eyes
11. Way to Home
12. Breath

Jamala = Podykh



Released: 12 October 2015

01. Podykh
02. Chomu same tebe
03. Shlyakh dodomu
04. Bil’she (feat. Morphom)
05. Inyye
06. Noch’
07. Ochyma
08. Drifting Apart (feat. The Erised)
09. Hate Love
10. Neandertal’tsi
11. Obeshchaniye
12. Sister’s Lullaby
13. Zaplutalas’ [Bonus Track]

Jamala - Thank You

Thank You

Released: 1 October 2014

01. Zaplutalasʹ
02. My Lover
03. Watch Over Me
04. Perfect Man
05. Pesnya o druzhbe
06. Thank You

Jamala - All or Nothing

All or Nothing

Released: 19 March 2013

01. All or Nothing
02. How to Explain
03. Kaktus
04. What’s Worse
05. All These Simple Things
06. Your Love
07. U oseni tvoi glaza
08. Ya lyublyu tebya
09. Why Is That
10. Like a Bird
11. Hurt
12. Unutmasan

Jamala - For Every Heart

For Every Heart

Released: 12 April 2011

01. For Every Heart
02. One More Try
03. You Are Made of Love
04. It’s Me, Jamala
05. Alas
06. In My Shoes
07. Without You
08. Sing It Out
09. Find Me
10. I See You Every Night
11. Pengereden
12. Smile
13. History Repeating
14. Mamen’kin synok [Bonus Track]
15. Vershe, miy vershe [Bonus Track]

Non-album Songs

Chomu kvity mayutʹ ochi
Moryak pokrepche vyazhi uzly
Zamanyly (with DakhaBrakha)

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