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Lena Meyer-Landrut (born 23 May 1991 in Hanover, Germany) is a German singer-songwriter. Despite having had no professional singing experience, Lena decided to take part in the talent show Unser Star für Oslo, a newly created national television programme to select the German entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2010. She eventually reached the final, participating with three songs against the last remaining contestant Jennifer Braun. Through televoting, the audience chose Satellite as her song she would sing in the final round. She subsequently won the chance to represent Germany in the contest with the song became Germany’s fastest selling digital release ever.

At the Eurovision final, Lena performed Satellite with a simple stage show and recieved a total of 246 points, giving Germany its first win since 1982. After the show, the song reached international acclaim all over Europe. Lena defended her title, representing Germany for a consecutive time in 2011, in Düsseldorf with the song Taken by a Stranger, where she reached 10th place. Lena has gone on to released several albums, working to cement her indie-pop image.

My Cassette Player (2010) | Good News (2011) | Stardust (2012) | Crystal Sky (2015) | Non-album Songs

Lena - Crystal Sky

Crystal Sky

Released: 15 May 2015

01. The Girl
02. Keep On Living
03. Traffic Lights
04. All Kinds of Crazy
05. Beat to My Melody
06. Sleep Now
07. Lifeline
08. 4 Sleeps
09. We Roam
10. Crystal Sky
11. Invisible
12. Catapult (feat. Kat Vinter & Little Simz)
13. In the Light
14. Home


Released: 12 October 2012

01. Stardust
02. Mr. Arrow Key
03. Pink Elephant
04. Neon (Lonely People)
05. Better News
06. Day to Stay
07. To the Moon
08. Bliss Bliss
09. ASAP (feat. Miss Li)
10. I’m Black
11. Goosebumps
12. Don’t Panic

Good News

Released: 8 February 2011 / 16 September 2011

01. Good News
02. What Happened to Me
03. A Million and One
04. Maybe
05. I Like You
06. Mama Told Me
07. Push Forward
08. A Good Day
09. Taken By a Stranger
10. Teenage Girls
11. That Again
12. At All
Platinum Edition
13. What a Man
14. Who’d Want to Find Love
15. I Like to Bang My Head
16. Good News (Live)
17. Taken By a Stranger (Live)
18. Satellite (Live)
19. New Shoes (Live)

My Cassette Player

Released: 7 May 2010

01. Satellite
02. My Cassette Player
03. Not Following
04. I Like to Bang My Head
05. My Same
06. Caterpillar in the Rain
07. Love Me
08. Touch a New Day
09. Bee
10. You Can’t Stop Me
11. Mr. Curiosity
12. I Just Want Your Kiss
13. Wonderful Dreaming

Non-album songs

Lost in You

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