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Måns Zelmerlöw

Måns Petter Albert Zelmerlöw (born June 13, 1986 in Lund, Sweden) is a Swedish pop singer. He rose to fame as a participant on Idol 2005, the second season of the Swedish Idol series where he placed 5th. Måns has competed several times in Melodifestivalen – first in 2007 with the song Cara Mia where he progressed to the final and went on to finish 3rd. The second participation came in 2009, this time with the song Hope & Glory. Although he received the most votes from the jury, he came 4th in the final.

He presented the 2010 Melodifestivalen along with Christine Meltzer and Dolph Lundgren and eventually returned to participating in Melodifestivalen in 2015 with the song Heroes. Måns was finally victorious, winning the contest and representing Sweden at Eurovision 2015 in Vienna. Måns qualified from the second semi-final and went on to give Sweden its sixth win in Eurovision, scoring 365 points total, with the single later charting throughout Europe.

Stand by For… (2007) | MZW (2009) | Barcelona Sessions (2014)
Perfectly Damaged (2015) | Chameleon (2016) | Non-album Songs



Released: 2 December 2016

01. Glorious
02. Beautiful Lie
03. Happyland
04. Round Round (feat. Nabiha)
05. Whistleblower
06. Hanging On to Nothing
07. Renegades
08. Primal
09. Fire in the Rain
10. Wrong Decision

Måns Zelmerlöw - Perfectly Damaged

Perfectly Damaged

Released: 5 June 2015

01. Stir It Up
02. Heroes
03. Someday
04. Live While We’re Alive
05. Let It Burn
06. Should’ve Gone Home
07. Fade Away
08. Hearts Collide
09. The Core of You
10. Unbreakable
11. Kingdom in the Sky
12. What’s in Your Eyes (feat. Tilde Vinter)

Måns Zelmerlöw - Barcelona Sessions

Barcelona Sessions

Released: 5 February 2014

01. Run for Your Life
02. Something About This Town
03. Broken Parts
04. Children of the Sun
05. Beautiful Life
06. Burning Stars
07. Waiting for the World to End
08. Sleep on Roses
09. Braver on the Outside
10. This One’s for You
11. Parallels


Released: 25 March 2009

01. Hope & Glory
02. One Minute More
03. Freak Out
04. Impossible
05. Find Love
06. Rewind
07. Forever
08. Saved Again
09. Home
10. A Stranger Saved My Life
11. Whole New World
12. Hold On
13. Hope & Glory (Acoustic Version)
14. Cara Mia (Acoustic Version)
15. Maniac (Acoustic Version)

Stand by For…

Released: 23 May 2007

01. Miss America
02. The Prayer
03. Paradise
04. Lively Up Your Monday
05. Stand By
06. Please Me
07. Cara Mia
08. Agent Zero
09. Brother Oh Brother
10. Maniac
11. Dreaming
12. Work of Art (Da Vinci)
13. My Mistake
Cara Mia (Acoustic Version) [Hidden Track]

Non-album Songs

Love Love Peace Peace (with Petra Mede)
Precious to Me (with Maria Haukaas Storeng)
Should’ve Gone Home (Je ne suis qu’un homme)
Hanging On to Nothing (Rien que nous deux)
Happyland (Ce monde parfait)

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