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Maria Haukaas Storeng

Maria Haukaas Mittet (née Storeng, born 3 August 1979 in Finnsnes, Norway) is a Norwegian singer known for her soulful voice. In 2004 she took part in Idol, the Norwegian version of Pop Idol, finishing in 6th place. In 2005 her debut album was released, and her first single Breathing peaked at #5 on the Norwegian charts, and was certified gold.

In 2008 Maria took part in Melodi Grand Prix with Hold On Be Strong. She was declared the winner and went on to represent Norway at the contest in Belgrade, Serbia. Qualifying from the semi-final, Maria finished 5th in the final. In 2009 Maria co-hosted Melodi Grand Prix with Per Sundnes, and also took part in Melodifestivalen, in a duet with Anna Sahlene called Killing Me Tenderly. They failed to reach the final, finishing 7th in the semi-final. In 2010 Maria returned to Melodi Grand Prix with the song Make My Day, which advanced to the final.

Breathing (2005) | Hold On Be Strong (2008) | Make My Day (2010)
Lys imot mørketida (2011) | Heim (2014) | Non-album Songs

Maria Haukaas Mittet - Heim


Released: 28 October 2014

01. Æ og min elskede
02. Kom sne
03. Kjærlighetsvise i mørketid
04. Det e her æ e heime
05. Folk i husan
06. Himmel imella oss
07. Båtn´ og båra
08. Elinors vise
09. Jorda
10. Te’ øya mi

Maria Haukaas Mittet - Lys imot mørketida (with Oslo Gospel Choir)

Lys imot mørketida
(with Oslo Gospel Choir)

Released: 14 November 2011

01. Lys imot mørketida
02. Mitt hjerte alltid vanker
03. Nordnorsk julesalme
04. Kviskre ei bønn
05. Stille natt
06. Himmel og jord møtes i natt
07. Gjeterfolk i våre lier
08. Det kimer nå til julefest
09. En stjerne skinner i natt
10. Høyt under himmelens stjerner
11. Deilig er jorden

Make My Day

Released: 14 June 2010

01. My Heart Is Singing
02. Extra Mile
03. Make My Day
04. Cold Souls
05. Born Again
06. Precious to Me (feat. Måns Zelmerlöw)
07. Save Me
08. Get Back
09. Under Repair (Living Room Miks)
10. Under Repair (Vossa Mix)

Hold On Be Strong

Released: 28 April 2008

01. Hold On Be Strong
02. Love Come Walking In
03. Lazy
04. Mine All Mine (with Mira Craig)
05. More More More
06. Leaving You for Good
07. The Hurting Kind
08. Find Your Way Soon
09. Never Let Go
10. Thin Line
11. Even Angels Fall
12. Hold On Be Strong (DeepFrost Cafémix) [Bonus Track]


Released: 31 January 2005

01. I’m Out
02. Should’ve
03. Anything Is Possible
04. Breathing
05. I Surrender
06. Let Go
07. Newborn & Naked
08. My Everything
09. Win
10. Nowhere Fast
11. Good 4 Nothin’
12. Midnight Blue

Non-album Songs

Killing Me Tenderly (with Anna Sahlene)
Nobody Knows
Precious to Me (feat. Måns Zelmerlöw)

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