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Sarah Dawn Finer

Sarah Dawn Finer (born 14 September 1981 in Stockholm, Sweden) is a singer, songwriter and actress. She has both Russian and American heritage. Sarah is a well known as a Melodifestivalen participant, having had two appearances in the Swedish national final as a singer. In 2007, she entered with the ballad I Remember Love, qualified directly to the final and finished in fourth place.

In 2009, she re-entered with the power ballad Moving On. This time she qualified through the Andra Chansen round and placed 6th in the final. Finer is also known for hosting Melodifestivalen in 2012 along with Helena Bergström and Gina Dirawi where she famously debuted her character Lynda Woodruff, an EBU spokeswoman from England, who mispronounces names and often uses incorrect facts. She later appeared next year when Sweden hosted the contest, in a series of sketches introducing the country to viewers. Later she sang as herself, as part of the interval act.

A Finer Dawn (2007) | Moving On (2009) | Sanningen kommer om natten (2012)

Sanningen kommer om natten

Released: 10 October 2012

01. Tårar blir till guld
02. Den andra kvinnan
03. Balladen om ett brustet hjärta
04. Med dig vid min sida
05. Sagan om oss två (with Salem Al Fakir)
06. Vasastan
07. Nu vet du hur det känns
08. Stockholm om natten (with Näääk)
09. Såna som jag
10. Lova mig ingenting
11. Till dig
12. Kärleksvisan (Acoustic Version) [Bonus track]

Moving On

Released: 26 August 2009

01. Standing Strong
02. Stupid
03. Anything Tonight
04. Moving On
05. Virus
06. Is That Enough
07. Not the One
08. Right Track
09. I Don’t Need Your Love Song
10. Does She Know You
11. What If This Is Love
12. For a Friend
13. Moving On (Naked Version) [Hidden track]
14. Don’t Come Knocking [Bonus track]

A Finer Dawn

Released: 31 May 2007

01. Come On
02. A Way Back to Love
03. You Were Meant for Me
04. I Remember Love
05. Out of the Darkness
06. Some Kind of Peace
07. I’ll Be OK
08. Wanna Try
09. It Feels So Good
10. Stockholm by Morning
11. Stay
12. Home

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