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t.A.T.u. (Russian: Тату, transliterated as “Tattoo”) is a pop duo formed in 1999 consisting of Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova. Known worldwide, they are the most successful Russian band to date, having released several hit singles such as All the Things She Said and Not Gonna Get Us, and a total of six studio albums; three Russian and three English, that have achieved worldwide success.

t.A.T.u. were internally selected in 2003 to represent Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest in Riga, Latvia. Their song, Ne ver’, ne boysya finished in 3rd place, 3 points behind Turkey and Belgium. At the end of March 2011 the group’s management announced that t.A.T.u. had officially disbanded, after conflicts between the girls, ending the band’s 12-year career. Since then both members have gone on to launch solo careers, with Yulia attempting a Eurovision come-back, singing with Eurovision winner Dima Bilan in the 2012 Russian national final, where they placed 2nd.

200 po vstrechnoy (2001) | 200 km/h in the Wrong Lane (2002)
Dangerous and Moving (2005) | Lyudi invalidy (2005) | The Best (2006)
Vesyolyye ulybki (2008) | Waste Management (2009) | Non-album Songs

Waste Management

Released: 15 December 2009

01. White Robe
02. You and I
03. Sparks
04. Snowfalls
05. Marsianskiye glaza
06. Little People
07. Waste Management [Instrumental]
08. Running Blind
09. Fly on the Wall
10. Time of the Moon
11. Don’t Regret
12. Belyy plashchik (Fly Dream Remix) [Bonus track]
13. Running Blind (Transformer Remix) [Bonus track]
14. Ne zhaley (Sniper Remix) [Bonus track]

Vesyolyye ulybki

Весёлые улыбки

Released: 21 October 2008

01. Intro [Instrumental]
02. Belyy plashchik
03. You and I
04. Snegopady
05. 220
06. Marsianskiye glaza
07. Chelovechki
08. Vesyolyye ulybki [Instrumental]
09. Running Blind
10. Fly on the Wall
11. Vremya luny
12. Ne zhaley

The Best

Released: 7 September 2006

01. All About Us
02. All the Things She Said
03. Not Gonna Get Us
04. How Soon Is Now?
05. Loves Me Not
06. Friend or Foe (Radio Edit)
07. Gomenasai
08. Null & Void
09. Cosmos (Outer Space) (She Wants Revenge Remix)
10. Show Me Love (Radio Edit)
11. Craving (I Only Want What I Can’t Have) (Bollywood Mix)
12. Ne ver’, ne boysya
13. 30 Minutes
14. Divine
15. Perfect Enemy
16. All the Things She Said (Dave Audé Remix Edit)
17. Lyudi invalidy (Russian Radio Remix)
18. Loves Me Not (Glam As You Mix Radio Edit)
19. Nas ne dogonyat
20. Ya soshla s uma

Lyudi invalidy

Люди инвалиды

Released: 21 October 2005

01. Lyudi invalidy (Intro) [Instrumental]
02. Novaya model’
03. Obez’yanka nol’
04. Loves Me Not
05. Kosmos
06. Ty soglasna
07. Nich’ya
08. Vsya moya lyubov’
09. All About Us
10. Chto ne khvatayet
11. Lyudi invalidy

Dangerous and Moving

Released: 5 October 2005

01. Dangerous and Moving (Intro) [Instrumental]
02. All About Us
03. Cosmos (Outer Space)
04. Loves Me Not
05. Friend or Foe
06. Gomenasai
07. Craving (I Only Want What I Can’t Have)
08. Sacrifice
09. We Shout
10. Perfect Enemy
11. Obez’yanka nol’
12. Dangerous and Moving
13. Vsya moya lyubov’ [Bonus track – only in Japan, UK, Europe, Brazil, Australia and Latin America]
14. Lyudi invalidy [Bonus track – only in Europe Deluxe Edition and United Kingdom edition]
15. Divine [Bonus track – only in Japan]

200 km/h in the Wrong Lane

Released: 10 December 2002

01. Not Gonna Get Us
02. All the Things She Said
03. Show Me Love
04. 30 Minutes
05. How Soon Is Now?
06. Clowns (Can You See Me Now?)
07. Malchik Gay
08. Stars
09. Ya soshla s uma
10. Nas ne dogonyat
11. Show Me Love (Extended Version)
12. 30 Minutes (Remix) [Bonus track – internationally included, not in US & Canada]
13. Malchik Gay (Remix Edit) [Bonus track – only in Japan]
14. Malchik Gay (Remix) [Bonus track – only in Europe Deluxe Edition and United Kingdom edition]
15. Ne ver’, ne boysya [Bonus track – only in Japan, UK, Europe and Brazil Deluxe Edition]
16. All the Things She Said (DJ Monk’s Breaks Mix Edit) [Bonus track – only in Japan]

200 po vstrechnoy

200 по встречной

Released: 21 May 2001 / Released: February 2002

01. Klouny
02. 30 minut
03. Doschitay do sta
04. Zachem ya
05. Nas ne dogonyat
06. Ya tvoya ne pervaya
07. Robot
08. Mal’chik-gey
09. Ya tvoy vrag
10. Ya soshla s uma
11. 30 minut (Moscow Grooves Institute Remix)
12. Mal’chik-gey (That Black Remix)

Non-album Songs

A Simple Motion
Prostyye dvizhen’ya

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