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Eurovision Song Contest 2000
Date(s) 13 May 2000
Venue Globe Arena,
Stockholm, Sweden
Host(s) Kattis Ahlström
Anders Lundin
Voting Method 100% Televoting
Each country awarded
12, 10, 8-1 points to its top 10
Winner Denmark: Olsen Brothers
“Fly on the Wings of Love”
Country Artist Song
Austria The Rounder Girls All to You
Belgium Nathalie Sorce Envie de vivre
Croatia Goran Karan Kad zaspu anđeli
Cyprus Voice Nomiza
Denmark Olsen Brothers Fly on the Wings of Love
Estonia Ines Once in a Lifetime
Finland Nina Åström A Little Bit
France Sofia Mestari On aura le ciel
Germany Stefan Raab Wadde hadde dudde da?
Iceland August & Telma Tell Me!
Ireland Eamonn Toal Millennium of Love
Israel PingPong Sameach
Latvia Brainstorm My Star
FYR Macedonia XXL 100% te ljubam
Malta Claudette Pace Desire
Netherlands Linda Wagenmakers No Goodbyes
Norway Charmed My Heart Goes Boom
Romania Taxi The Moon
Russia Alsou Solo
Spain Serafín Zubiri Colgado de un sueño
Sweden Roger Pontare When Spirits Are Calling My Name
Switzerland Jane Bogaert La vita cos’è?
Turkey Pınar Ayhan & The SOS Yorgunum Anla
United Kingdom Nicki French Don’t Play That Song Again

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