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Eurovision Song Contest 2019
Date(s) 16 May 2019
Venue Expo Tel Aviv,
Tel Aviv, Israel
Host(s) Erez Tal
Bar Refaeli
Assi Azar
Lucy Ayoub
Voting Method 50% Televoting / 50% Jury
Each country awarded two sets of 12, 10, 8-1 points to its top 10: one from each country’s professional jury and the other from televoting
Semi-final 1 Semi-final 2 Final
# Country Artist Song Points Place
First Half
Armenia Srbuk
Austria Paenda Limits
Denmark TBD 23 February TBD 23 February
Latvia Carousel That Night
Moldova TBD 3 March TBD 3 March
Romania TBD 17 February TBD 17 February
Sweden TBD 9 March TBD 9 March
Second Half
Albania Jonida Maliqi Ktheju tokës
Croatia Roko Blažević The Dream
Lithuania TBD 23 February TBD 23 February
Malta Michela Pace
Netherlands Duncan Laurence TBA 7 March
North Macedonia Tamara Todevska Proud
Norway TBD 2 March TBD 2 March
Russia Sergey Lazarev

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