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Song Information
Music: Peter Beckinson, Frank Ådahl
Lyrics: Peter Beckinson, Frank Ådahl


Another morning I’m afraid of what we’ve become, a lack of knowing if you cared
Another teardrop sparkles my eyes, I couldn’t stand in your way
And though we have said goodbye, isn’t it worth a new try?
Nights can get lonely, I know

Dreaming of a new tomorrow, time cannot heal another heart that’s broken
And I couldn’t stand the thought of turning ’round to face another start

I hear your laughter, the sounds chased the night away, here or after in my mind (in my mind)
The tender feelings, moments of joy, eternal love should not end
If time is changing the set, could we forgive and forget
Nights can get lonely, I know

Woah… (Dreaming of a new tomorrow) And our love can heal and mend the heart that’s broken
‘Cause I’m living by the hope that we don’t have to face another start, don’t close the door
Don’t close the door


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