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Music: Elton Zarb
Lyrics: Elton Zarb
Other versions
English Maltese

Try to understand, you’ve hurt me so bad
Think again; don’t walk away, beside me come and stay
Let’s start a brand new day

In no time at all memories I recall
Bring the truth to light, loving you is right
Don’t stay out of sight; I’m coming home for you tonight

Let me here you say you’ll be back to stay
Give it one more try, needing you close by
Together you and I, come along and see
What you mean to me, that’s how it should be

Oh… oh… oh… oh…
Oh… oh… oh… la lalala…

All you hope today, said you were away
Loving you more than you know, it was such a blow
My hopes, my dreams so low

This dream in my head is making me so sad
Missing you so much, need your tender touch
Will you promise me, you can count on me?
We will wander free, that’s how it should be

Love you more each day; I’m glad you came my way
I pray that you will stay
Yesterday has gone; it’s you I’m living for
I ask for nothing more, will you promise me?

Walking in the park, lonely in the dark
There’s no peace of mind, it’s you I hope to find


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