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Joy to the world is love we share
Joy to the world is here to stay
(Let’s bring) joy to the world with peace and grace
Joy to the world, one voice, one race

(Let’s sing) joy to the world is a heartbeat away
Joy to the world, then everything will be OK

It is really worth to realize that it’s always one for all
Then the peace will return to our lives
When we start to lend a helping hand
To the next we should love (then we’ll bring)

Joy to the world with this song we sing,
(Joy, joy, joy) yeah, and the hope it will bring
Oh, yeah, (joy to the world) and learn to give
Joy, joy, joy is so easy to achieve

If we finally wake up we’ll see the beauties of the life
There’s no need to pretend, we’re not blind
We shall come together to believe in the power of trust

(Let’s pray joy to the world), yeah
(Bring) joy to the world

Like a bird that can fly to the deep blue sky
We shall feel free and follow the bright ray of light

(Joy, let’s sing, oh… joy to the world)
(Let’s sing) joy (joy) to the world (oh…) joy to the world
(We’ll bring joy to the world, oh… joy to the world)

Now the time has come to stand up
And join in the choir!

Joy to the world, bring joy to the world


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