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Song Information
Music: Ralph Siegel
Lyrics: Bernd Meinunger

Baby, today’s your birthday
And love is all that I can give
‘Cause I don’t have much money
But we’ve got a life to live

So let’s celebrate this moment
And I hope that all your dreams come true
I’ll give you little party
That’s all that I can do
For you

Alright, here we go

Baby, all we need is a little bit of music
On a happy day
All you’ve got to do is to take your chance and use it
Baby, what I say

Just tell me what you want, you’ll get it
‘Cause every little dream is free
Hey, baby, come on, join me
Just come along and you will see (Hey, hey, hey)
We’re gonna have a party tonight

Happy Birthday party
All we need is fun
A Happy Birthday party
For you and everyone

(A Happy Birthday party)
(That’s where you’ve gotta be)
(Hey, come on and celebrate with me)
Celebrate with me

Happy Birthday party
You will love it too
A Happy Birthday party
Baby, it’s all for you

(A Happy Birthday party) Yeah
(We’re still going strong)
(Hey-ya-hey-ya-hey-ya, all night long)
All night long

(We’re gonna sing and dance, taking our chance)
Rocking together all night
(Just again you’ve gotta be there)
Yeah, we’re gonna feel alright

(We’re gonna sing and dance, clapping our hands)
Baby, let it go for tonight
And everybody knows it
Anything can happen tonight

(Happy Birthday party)
Shoobie-doobie-doo and a ring-a-ding-ding-dong
(Happy Birthday party)
Sha-la-la-la-la and a sing-a-sing-a-sing-song

Happy Birthday party
All the love and joy we’re having together
That’s okay

(Happy Birthday party)
(All we need is fun) Yeah
(A Happy Birthday party)
(For you and everyone)

Happy Birthday, baby
(Happy Birthday) To you


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